The University can assist you to find suitable accommodation nearby for a short-term or holiday stay.

Residential college accommodation

University Hall provides short-term and holiday accommodation.

Rooms are comfortably furnished and include bed linen and towels. Guests have access to a kitchenette area, which includes a microwave, kettle, sink, refrigerator, iron and ironing board. There are shared bathrooms and an on-site laundry.

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University-owned short-term accommodation properties

The University owns 10 short-term accommodation properties for eligible UWA students, staff and visitors.

  • All units are furnished, including bed linen, towels and cooking utensils.
  • Please note current Wi-Fi facilities are limited.
  • All properties are air-conditioned.

Myers Street property

Four properties are available at Myers Street.


17 Myers Street

Property description:

  • 4 x 3-bedroom, two-storey townhouses, sitting room, kitchen, laundry and courtyard, currently at $120/night. Would suit a family with children.

Clark Street property

Six properties are available at Clark Street.


3 Clark Street

Property description:

  • 2 x 1-bedroom units, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry combined, currently at $100/night
  • 4 x 2-bedroom units, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry combined, currently at $110/night


To make a booking:

Please note: The prices above include a charge for general cleaning and linen launder upon vacation.